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Outlook for 2017

The year of 2017 is a critical year for implementing the national “13th Five-Year Plan” of economy. With the roll-out of the national “13th Five-Year” plans for energy and power in succession, the reform of energy production, supply, consumption and system will be further advanced. At the same time, the supply-side structural reform, state-owned enterprise reform and power system reform will exert profound influence on the energy industry.

According to the forecast from China Electricity Council, it is expected that the national total power consumption will increase by about 3% year on year, with sufficient national power supply. It is expected that additional national power generation installed capacity will reach approximately 110 million kilowatt in 2017, of which the installed capacity of non-fossil energy power generation will be approximately 60 million kilowatt, the utilization hours of power generating units will still be under pressure. In general, the operation and development of power industry will face greater challenges.

In 2017, the Group will focus on:

  • Striving to maintain good operating results. The Group will make efforts in electricity sales marketing and to acquire favorable electricity tariffs. To promote the development of electricity sales and distribution business and develop the heat supply market. To continue strengthen fuel costs control, reduce financing costs, maintain profitability and cash flow as well as ensure safe production practice.

  • Continuing to accelerate enterprises transformation. The Group will speed up the development of clean energy while control the construction of coal-fired power plants. To vigorously promote energy saving and emission reduction in order to actively cope with global climate change. To rapidly promote electricity sales and distribution and develop integrated energy. To seize the opportunities in energy internet and intelligent integrated energy development as well as vigorously promote technological innovation.

  • Drawing support from SPIC. The Group will seize the opportunities arising from the acceleration of asset securitization of the parent company, and to promote the injection of quality assets by leveraging the advantage of the parent company’s high proportion of clean energy assets.

  • Stressing talent development and incentives thereof, promoting business model innovation, comprehensively raising the management level and further improving the market-oriented system and mechanism of the Group.

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